Design Differences… The Vacuum!

Yep… I’m writing about a vacuum…! But I love when the most common things can be so different! Today I discovered that the vacuum cleaner is one of them! I’m actually guessing that the vacuum in the corporate housing that we’re currently staying in isn’t a reflection on all American vacuums, but it is my only experience so far!

For a start… What better name for a Vacuum than… THE BOSS?! Backed up by the brand name Eureka, excellent, brains and brawn! The cat’s weren’t so sure, I think this feat of engineering isn’t what they were expecting to enter their new temporary home!

I also enjoyed the speckled pattern effect on the zip up bag at the back, and the ‘Dial-a-nap’ control (still not quite sure what this is for… I’m guessing carpet length, or some sort of crazy automatic sleep setting??!!)

The experience inspired a very quick doodle of handheld vacuums!





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