Pavements / Sidewalks… mundane design differences!

So yes, another image of my feet! Today’s (rather mundane sounding) UK / US observation is about pavements… or sidewalks! And the reason I thought about it was because I saw an old lady with a Zimmer frame… really! She had these tiny ski’s on the back feed of her zimmer frame, something I’ve not seen before, then I realised how different the pavements are here in Bellevue compared to Guildford. In Guildford these Zimmer ski’s would have no chance, the cobbled high street would probably be like a Roubaix leg! But here in Bellevue, WA, the sidewalks are sections of concrete with paving slab outlines, so her zimmer ski’s slid across the pavement with no problems!

The next observation is the push button, wait for white flashing man to walk situation. In the UK we wait for the green man, so not too different… except for the position of the traffic lights. When you cross a road at a 4 way junction, you face the traffic lights for the road next to you, so when you shouldn’t cross, the lights go green for the traffic next to you. But when you’ve grown up seeing green men across the road from you, crossing roads becomes quite dangerous! Wait for the white flashing man, not the green ‘go traffic’ signal! Lesson learned! Mind needs re-mapping!!





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