Mox Boarding House – Board games in Bellevue

Tonight we ventured up to Mox boarding house for a couple of games. And what a treat! A brilliantly stocked games shop, with very knowledgable staff. A game library, with excellent gameplay explanations. And a good place to sit and play with a beer and a burger. We will definitely be visiting again!



We played two games:

Spendor, a stock favourite of mine, chip collecting and card development. I’ve only ever played it with four or more players, so was intrigued as to how the two player version would stack up. It worked surprisingly well! Although it felt like there was less gazumping, and more of a solitary tactic game, it did have a reasonable rhythm. It’s also a nice simple game, that plays well with a beer and some chips!

And Onitama, a game I’ve not played before, recommended by one of the guys in the shop. A simple chess based mechanic with a loose martial arts theme. Nice, quick easy play. I loved the mechanic of swapping in cards when you’d played them, for the next player to pick up, but wanted to figure out a cleaner way of moving the cards in and out of your playing area! Nice roll out mouse-mat style playing board though! 🙂 A nice quick easy game, with few rules, but a good amount of tactical play.

So… until next time! Oh… and if anybody wanted to play T.I.M.E Stories The Marcy Case… I’m available!




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