Kirkland – lake beaches and road crossings

Seattle is always sunny right?! We’ve been treated to fantastic weather for the last two weeks (and the week we visited to do our pre-move visit as well), the fact that everybody I speak to says that we should make the most of it makes me feel like I really should! So we popped up to Kirkland yesterday evening for a walk along the waterfront of Lake Washington. It also happened to be market day along the front which was a happy coincidence of timings!


Whilst walking around Kirkland we spotted these brightly coloured flags at crossings, we’d seen them in residential areas before and commented on them, but hadn’t been up close. So we followed suit, and copied the couple in front of us, who picked up a flag to cross the road. I’m not sure if this is a local, statewide or nationwide thing, but picking up a flag to cross a road was a new experience! There is something that feels a little silly about carrying a flag to cross a road… saying that, the text on the flag-holding bucket had all the details about how many people are killed crossing roads in Washington, but not one person carrying a flag has been killed crossing a road. So either people aren’t crossing roads holding flags, or it really is working! I wonder what other situations there are where a flag could help? Maybe there’s a need for a personal portable multi-use flag carrier?! A bit like one of those pens where you chooose your colour?! šŸ™‚ Anyway, the flags were a new experience, and an interesting way to tackle road safety that I’ve not seen or considered before!


Something like this…?!!! Perhaps not!



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