Skating Seattle – New Wheels!

So a bit of background… I used to skate a bit, mostly in and around London and Brighton. But when I moved up to Nottingham for University, there wasn’t as much of an opportunity to skate, so my blades gathered dust. But hearing about all the amazing trails in Washington, I couldn’t resist putting some wheels back on my feet!

So I headed to Lake Union as I heard there was a great inline skate shop there, so I decided to take the bus… this was an adventure! The bus joins first crosses over the amazing floating bridge (I believe it might even be the longest floating bridge… maybe!), which is just amazing. Ok, the video doesn’t really do it justice, but it is cool!


Then the bus goes underground… like the tube, but a bus in a tunnel! Not all busses are underground, I had to change when I hit Seattle and jump on another bus, but the underground bit was cool!

Anyway, after the excitement of the bus, I headed to Shop Task and picked up a new pair of skates. The chap in the shop was extremely helpful, and it felt great to be back on wheels. So I took them for a quick spin around Lake Union. Then a few days later gave them a proper outing at Marymoore Park. Unfortunately one of the main trails I wanted to head up was closed for renovation, so I headed back through the park and round Lake Samammish… which was beautiful! And the weather was just perfect! The skates feel a bit slower than I’m used to, but that might just be that I don’t have enough muscle just yet, so I’ll stick with them and see how they go before switching out any bearings!

Look at how beautiful the trails and lake are:


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