Bainbridge Island – Exploring Washington

he This weekend we hended out on one of our first adventures in Washington, we headed over to one of the islands – Bainbridge Island. We chose to drive round and head over the bridge on the way there, then take the ferry on the way back. Getting in some well needed driving practice before our Washington License driving test!

We took a picnic, and enjoyed the trails and beaches that Bainbridge had to offer, before grabbing a coffee and  jumping on the ferry back towards the city. We also found time to Facetime some family, which was fab!


The views from the ferry are great, as you head back towards Seattle, you see it pop up on the coast, with mountains in the background, and Mount Rainer looming. (I really hope that thing doesn’t start spurting molten lava anytime soon!). It makes you realise how much we have yet to explore!



Where should we head next? It looks like the weather might be turning a bit drizzlier soon, so perhaps we should explore some of the wineries?!



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