Experimenting with Video Editing Software

Before I left the UK, I learned to use Premiere Pro, which I’ve found brilliant. As a proficient Adobe user it was nice and quick to pick up and get to grips with as a new piece of software. It’s not really my area of expertise, but was great for pulling together quick product pitches and explanation videos.

Now I’ve embarked on a new adventure, I have a lot of  day to day videos that could benefit from a bit of quick editing, so I thought I’d try out some of the lighter software available for video editing. I also wanted to try software or apps that I could use on my iPad Pro, (or even my phone!) whilst out and about without having to boot up my laptop (I don’t have Adobe CC yet).

So I recently tried out the following:

Adobe Premiere Clip

So having used Adobe Premiere Pro, the lighter ‘Clip’ version seemed like a good place to start. I actually used it on my phone, to see if you could actually edit a short video on the move. As I expected, the options for editing are very limited, but you can do the basics, add video’s or images, music and a title frame. But that’s about it! But you can do it on the move, from your phone! I did quite like that if you log in with an Adobe account yiou can then edit anywhere you have the app. You could also use it as a starter for Premiere Pro, so throw together all the videos and images that you have in the order you want, then properly edit it on PP at a later date. I’ve already posted this video on this blog, but below video was created using Adobe Premiere Clip:


I was intrigued to give this a go as i’ve been carrying the software around on a laptop for years, but never actually booted it up! I actually started to use this on my iPad, but found it really fiddly to use, so I gave it a second chance on my laptop. It was really easy to use, drag and drop video’s, choose music from iTunes (which I don’t use anymore, not since our Spotify / Sonos pairing… so the choice of music felt a bit teenage angsty!!). You can add simple transitions between images and videos, and titles over the top of moving image. It has all the basics. There are also some really cheesy themes that you can use to make your video look like a movie trailer… not so sure about those! Overall it was a nice simple piece of software, below is the video I created using this.

Overall opinion so far:

I knew these options would be lighter, more limited options, and both good for different uses. But I think going forward, I’ll probably stick to Premiere Pro, there’s so much more control over the editing, and so many more options. Saying that… I’d like to give iMovie another shot on the iPad, as it would still be great to have something that does a little more than Premiere Clip, but on the go.

I’ll keep trying with other video editing software, and add the results to this post, so keep tuned!


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