Drinks and Dinner – Downtown and Capitol Hill

We’re still exploring a lot of food and drink in the Seattle area, and this weekend we headed over to Seattle for some drinks and dinner. We visited the Diller Room when we came for our pre-move trip, and I sort of fell in love with this place! A bit of a dive bar, with a great atmosphere and good beer. So we popped back, before heading (via the Nike store to check out FlyKnits) up to Capitol Hill.

We found Witness on Yelp, and thought we’d check it out. I’m glad we did, the atmosphere was great, and the food, a twist on Southern American food, was excellent! Not to forget the great cocktails, beer selection, and of course staff. We waited a little while for a table, but when we had one, we didn’t feel rushed, or pressured to finish up quickly to let somebody else have the table, the service was friendly and relaxed. And if you ever want to eat mussels with sausage meat and baby peppers, or pulled pork sliders with slaw and amazing chips, sorry, fries, then this is the place for you. My portion was huge… would recommend a couple of sharers instead!! We’ll definitely be back, and probably stop by the Diller Room on the way up!



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