Keep Portland Weird

This weekend we ventured down the I-5 to Portland. We Crossed the Washington / Oregon border with number 12 coffees… I’m really beginning to think I need to get to a Seahawks game!!


This was also our first time using AirBnB, we dropped our bags, and ventured out to explore. Wandered around some of the neighbourhoods to get a feel for the city. We headed to Wildfang, grabbing some Hawaiian / Korean from a food truck. I’ve been stalking Wildfang from the UK for a few years now, and only managed one online order from them, but was hit by a big import fee. So visiting the physical store was a bit of a pilgramige! With a couple of items of clothing in our bag, we swung by Apple to pick up an iPhone 7 (not for me..!), making the most of the lack of sales tax.

We then continued our theme of eating and drinking our way round the US. We were originally going to head to a place that served innovative Paellas… but got sidetracked by a cool speakeasy. I am loving the whole speakeasy thing here! We went to Bible Club, which is in what looks like some bodies home, but is actually a prohibition themed bar, everything inside is authentic antique / vintage, right down to the crystal glassware and cocktail mixers! Atmosphere was awesome, food was great and cocktails were fantastic!


The next morning we continued our food theme, with a visit to Voodoo Doughnut, which was well worth the half hour que outside in the rain. With an immense selection of doughnuts, we chose Mable Bacon bar, Rasberry Romeo, Traditional Glazed and Mexican chocolate. We enjoyed these with a Stumtptown coffee, a perfect sugar / caffeine hit after a couple of whiskeys the night before!

The weather was miserable… so we headed back towards Seattle, but chose a bit more of a scenic route, stopping off at lakes, viewing areas, and a little cafe for Diet Coke, chips and a couple of Trivial Pursuit cards! The drive back was fab, the views are just amazing around here. It was great to spend a decent amount of time in the new car as well! Unfortunately no snaps of the views… it was a bit on the wet side!


So… where to next?! Maybe some state parks?



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