Exploring Trails – Coal Creek, WA

On Sunday we ventured out to one of the many many trails near us, for a quick (or perhaps I should say slow…!) walk. The Coal Creek trail follows, for part, an old railway route used by the coal miners. There are a few stop of points along the way where you can still see signs of the old industry. My favourite, although slightly creepy, was a huge air vent used to supply the miners. There are a couple of waterfalls, and signs of old turning circles for the trains (they look pretty much like concrete slabs…!). We were there on a damp afternoon, and when you were close to the river, or the air vents, you can still smell the coal in the ground. The trails here are great, not like anything I’ve seen in the UK, with well kept paths, and points of information along the way, they are a huge network to explore the outdoors.

img_0387This is one of the air vents that goes deep in to the ground!


The car even got its first taste of mud… OK… only a little… we did need to go for a 4×4… honest!!

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