Sketching in Coffee Shops, perhaps the best way to explore Seattle’s coffee culture?

So this post is a bit of a teaser..! Not only for the very early stage concepts I sketched, but also for an upcoming product review… yes, really… an actual product review! (I will add more product design posts, and less coffee / food related posts soon, I promise!!) So until I release that post… here’s some more coffee related sketching:

I got a few ideas down, but won’t share any that might have legs, just in case I develop them to pitch level. Here’s a fun one that didn’t quite make the cut, I did enjoy doodling though! Very very rough sketches and process:

A warmup sketch or a kids Nutribullet, start embedding those healthy habits early! With a multi-function cap that seals off to avoid spills, and an engaging character unit. Watch those veggies squelch inside the unit!


Food Fight: Head-to-head true or false. Unit contains selection of true or false questions, voice recognition knows if you’re right or not, get it wrong, get slapped in the face with a wet fish, get it right, it’s your opponents turn… play continues. The only catch? The unit is on a timer, so if you spend too long trying to decide if the answer is true or false… you’ll get hit in the face with a wet fish anyway!!



I’d really hyped up the coffee shop I visited Anchorhead Coffee, the website was great, online photo’s clean and professional, copy that made me want a coffe. But after the journey to Downtown Seattle from Bellevue, I’m not sure I was the barista’s favourite customer. The coffee was good, but the atmosphere didn’t quite meet my expectations. Maybe I need to give this one a second chance?



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