Autumn / Fall is here, Halloween is on it’s way… EVERYTHING in the US is now made of Pumpkin… EVERYTHING!!

I knew Halloween was going to be a bigger deal here in the US, but wasn’t expecting so much pumpkin! Everywhere! Everything is now made of pumpkin, why pumpkin? I hate pumpkin!! Everything about it creeps me out, the weird slushy, seedy inside, with that awful smell, why would you want to eat that?!! Eugh! Is it something to do with the season? “It’s turning a bit grey outside, let’s bring in a big orange object to brighten it up?” It’s just wrong!! (Saying this… I have been researching pumpkin farms to create a fiendish addition to the flat for Halloween… :S)

Some examples of the wrong things people are doing with pumpkin… don’t even try convincing me, I won’t ‘like if I try it’!!

Lot’s of Pumpkin beers, even this selection from Seattle based Elysian
Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte…
Whole website dedicated to said Pumpkin Spice Latte!!

Anybody else think Trump is starting to look more like a pumpkin too??


Eater covered off some other pumpkin spice based foods that are totally unnecessary, here


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