Lake Serene – Our First Proper Washington Day Hike

On Sunday we embarked on a day hike up to Lake Serene. In typical style, we chose the wettest, most miserable day to go walking! But we pushed on! About an hours drive from Seattle and you’re out in the mountains, Washington really is amazing!

A 8.6 miles out and back (if you include the detour), 4h38m walk up 2509meters. The first stop off is a slight detour from the main hike up to the lake, but is definitely worth the detour. A fantastic, huge waterfall. We’d read that if you intend to see the waterfall that you should do the detour on the way up as you won’t want to on the way back down, so true!!

You then continue up (and as a rather unfit person… I mean UP) 23 switchbacks to the reach Lake Serene at the top. I’m pretty sure the views up here are amazing, however all we could see was cloud, dense grey cloud!


The lake is spectacular though, with snow that’s dropped from the higher section of the mountain, and the clearest waters. An incredible, pristine view. We had planned to eat lunch at the top, but hadn’t really banked on how cold we’d be, or how much colder it was up at the lake! So we trooped on and headed back down the mountain (which took about 1/5th of the time it had taken us to walk up!).


All in all a great first proper walk in Washington, the beginning of our preparation for Yellowstone next year! šŸ˜€

The only way to recover from our days walk was with a glass of Oregon Pinot Noir, a wood fire and Alien! (Yes, we watched a movie on a laptop… our TV still hasn’t been delivered!)





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