Skiing The Summit at Snoqualmie

OK… so I’m probably not the best person to be writing a skiing post… I’ve done about two weeks skiing in my whole life! But, as this comes under the ‘new experiences in America’ title, I thought I’d better at least upload a few nice photo’s of the incredible mountains only 45minutes from our new home!

On Saturday we dusted off ski’s, and hired some ski’s for me, and headed to The Summit at Snoqualmie. I still can’t quite get over how amazing the variety of outdoor activities is in the Seattle area. You can be at the beach one day (well… maybe not at the moment!) then drive out to the mountains the next. And the snow this year is apparently better than it has been in previous years, so it would be rude not to head out and check it out!


There were a few cultural differences in the process that I found interesting. When hiring ski’s I’ve always hired a helmet at the same time, but when I asked about helmets in the ski hire shop ‘Ski Mart’, they explained that they couldn’t hire helmets due to liability. So, still being a mere beginner skier, I thought it best to purchase a helmet to go with my ski, pole and boot hire! The next main difference I found from my limited ski experience was the ski lifts, nobody lowers the bar! I felt like a complete prude asking if we could lower it! Then when we didn’t ask, I clung on to the back of the seat, pretending I wasn’t terrified I was going to fall off the seat face first in to the snow below every time the lift went over a bump or came to a stop! It felt like such a contradiction, no helmets, we wouldn’t want to be responsible if you fell over, but sure, go up on a lift and don’t worry about holding on or anything, you’ll probably be fine!

Differences aside, Snoqualmie is one of the smaller ski areas near us, but as it was my first time out for a while, it was a good idea to see if I could remember what I’d been taught two years ago in Leysin on a smaller slope! I’m surprised at how much I did remember! The instructor I had in Leysin had obviously done a great job of drumming the basics in to me! I was still the slowest person on the slope, with five year olds whizzing past me, but hey, I did’t faceplant on my first day back on the snow, so all good!

I’m hoping that whilst the snow is good, and we’re in such a great location that I can spend the season improving, then next time I go skiing I won’t be the only person snow ploughing my way down the baby slope!


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