Weird things to miss #1 – Baked Beans

Featuring in part 1 of weird things to miss from the UK whilst living in the US… Baked Beans!!


I didn’t imagine baked beans to feature particularly highly in my list of things to miss, but suorosongly they do! I also sort of expected to see Heinz baked beans as a common item, but here in Washington they are disproportionately expensive! Transformed from a student staple and lazy dinner to a $3.99 treat!

I haven’t been able to bring myself to spend that much on baked beans yet… but I did come across some beans in Whole Foods under the 365 brand at a slightly (but not entirely) more reasonable price of $1.99. So this morning there were high expectations for these beans as a remedy for a couple of beers last night.

They did not meet the expectation! Far too sweet, not enough tomato, funny mushy brown beans… not quite Heinz.

Thoroughly disappointed, to the point that I’m considering actually spending $3.99 on Heinz beans!!

And yes, I did just write a post about baked beans!! There are a couple of other things that I might need to start importing from the UK, so watch this space for more bizarre rambles about boring food-stuffs!





One thought on “Weird things to miss #1 – Baked Beans

  1. I feel you! I am from Australia, and I really miss Heinz Baked Beans and tinned Spaghetti on toast! I am living in Sweden with my partner, and he pokes fun at me when I say I miss them 😉


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