Checking out Amazon Go & Amazon’s Biospheres

I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but I’ve been following the announcement then build of Amazon Go, the checkout-less grocery store / supermarket. So after this morning’s  Creative Morning in Pioneer Square I thought I’d take a wander over in the sun.

Unfortunately, unless you’re an Amazon employee, you can’t yet access the store, but you can peek in from the outside… and admittedly look a little weird, but hey!

The idea is that you can walk in using the Amazon Go App, then shop as you normall would, putting items in your basket. Then you just walk out (That’s also the name for the technology that’s used to work out your items), no queues, no checkouts, just take your items and leave the store, then you’re charged for your items from the Amazon Go App.


I’ve ranted a bit about Supermarkets in the US before… I won’t put you through it again!… so it’s exciting to see space that looks like a more pleasurable, up-to-date shopping experience, so I’m a little excited about this place opening, and hopefully more springing up around the area.


Just up the road are the Amazon Biospheres which are still being built (slated to open 2018), which are three giant glass domes which will become an oasis amongst all the huge buildings for Amazon workers in South Lake Union. They’ll be filled with greenery, including endangered species. I must say they do look pretty impressive!


Walking through the area as a non-Amazonion you sort of feel like a bit of an tourist, everyone and their dog (yup, you can take your dog to work… there were a lot of dogs!) in the area seems to be an Amazon employee! It’s an interesting experience as an outsider.

Last week I ran through the Google Campus in Kirkland (I wasn’t being chased… the Cross Corridor Kirkland Trail cuts through the middle of the campus!), which is an interesting experience too, so when I’m not completely out of breath, pretending I can run, I’ll head back and take some photos and post them here too. The same with the enormous Microsoft Campus in Redmond, so watch this space!

Oh… and here’s my blog post writing view… 🙂 My favourite bar in Downtown Seattle, The Diller Room!




2 thoughts on “Checking out Amazon Go & Amazon’s Biospheres

  1. This must be pretty exciting to be close by. I seen this on the TV adverts and it sounded SO futuristic.. almost like something out of iRobot or the likes. I completely understand the process but I cannot get my head around the fact technology has got his far, so soon. Great post, very short and sweet.. keep it up! 🙂


    1. I totally agree, it feels so weird that it feels futuristic, it feels so obvious! I really want it to roll out quickly, I think most people could get on board with it so quickly, very exciting!

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