The (rather unfortunately named) Skagit ‘Tulip Trail’


Today I ventured an hour north of Seattle to Skagit to see the Tulip Trail. Yes… I know… the name ‘Skagit’ doesn’t quite ¬†invoke images of fields of flowers!!

Skagit, fields of Tulips (and daffodils in this case!)

I had heard that it can get quite busy with lots of tourists heading up to see the flowers at the weekends, but I wasn’t really quite prepared¬†to see so many people touring just a couple of fields of flowers in their cars!! Although the Tulip Festival runs from the 1st of April, I think I may have been a little early to see all the flowers in bloom.


The traffic was a bit much for me, with police traffic control in to the car parks, at junctions, and queues of cars trying to get past cars parked half in the road.

It was well worth the drive if only to see the big Washington sky and the mix of silhouetted and snow topped mountains in the distance. There’s definitely something about the sky here, it somehow feels bigger!

It feels like the warmer weather might actually be on it’s way… I can’t wait to get our new tent out in to the wild! Watch this space for a tent dry-run in the garden!!



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