Coastal Adventures – Washington, Oregon and California

We recently had two very close friends from the UK visit us in our new home in Seattle, hired a car, packed our bags and headed down the coast through Washington, Oregon and a tiny portion of California. Here’s what we got up to… mainly in the rain!!


We began our journey by checking out some of our favorite Seattle tourist spots, obviously including Pike Place market and the amazing gum wall… mmm! And a couple of less touristy spots, cocktails at the Smith Tower, dinner in Capitol Hill’s Witness (how can you miss out on chicken and waffles, or beignet starters with Sriracha Jam?!), a rather rainy walk along Golden Gardens Park Beach, and a quick hike at Snoqualmie Falls (in preparation for the new Twin Peaks?!).

After picking up a hire car (so that it could be dropped off in California and we could all continue our journeys by air) we began our adventure down the coast.


First Stop – Cannon Beach

An easy drive down Highway 101 took us to Cannon Beach, with a stop off at Long Beach for some lunch and a bit of a drive along the beach.


After battling horizontal rain we walked along the beach to Haystack Rock (or the Goonies Rock!), which was a pretty spectacular sight.

Goonies / Haystack Rock

We enjoyed some brilliant mainly beige food, including some brilliant Tater Tots at Cannon Beach Hardware… yep… another hardware store with food and a bar!

Tsunami evacuation route

Second Stop – Bandon

About 5 hours further down route 101 we reached Bandon, where we’d booked a fantastic little A-Frame Bandon Beach House Air BnB. A great place for a very cosy dinner by the log burner.


We enjoyed a stroll and a morning run along the beach looking at both Face and Table Rocks, I think it actually stopped raining for a whole thirty minutes!


Third Stop – The Redwoods, Orick

Continuing down the 101, obviously stopping at a dinosaur along the way, we made our way down in to California.


The sand dunes were also a real treat, we stopped off for a quick walk down to the beach… but got a bit stuck when we couldn’t pass all the water on the trail! The dunes were beautiful though!

Then we reached the Redwoods… they are HUGE! Bigger than I’d really imagined, so big we were able to drive our hire car through one of them!


We’d really wanted to try horse riding through the trees, but unfortunately the trips are cancelled if it’s raining… and it rained… a lot! We did however do a quick hike through the trees, it was great to get so close to them and realize how huge they really are! We were also very luck to see Elk on the way out to our walk.




After a bit of a rush to the airport (thanks Air Alaska for changing our flight time!). We were headed back to Washington whilst our friends continued their journey to San Fran and then the Grand Canyon.

I was quite excited by the first plane from Arcarta to Portland, which was absolutely tiny, and only had 5 other people on it! Even the luggage tag felt like it was from the past!

Last meal of the trip, wedge of lettuce, ranch and pork with a side of honey mustard wings, mmm!

Then back to reality and back to Seattle!

In a few weeks we’re heading out to Yellowstone with the tent, with a couple of stops along the way in Montana, Idaho and Grand Teton. Any tips, recommendations, must see’s?


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